Library facilities are the heart of any educational institution. The college library has a beautifully illuminated, well ventilated & furnished reading hall. This rich and updated library possesses a large number of books, journals and International magazines necessary for quality study with added Online E-journal Facilities.

  • Total number of books as per Accession Register : 9086
  • Total number of Titles : 1670
  • Total number of Reference books : 1279
  • Total number of journals : 27
  • Total number of E Books : 782
  • Total number of E Journals ( Delnet, K-Hub, Inventi) : 1614
  • No. of Daily News Papers : 08

E library and E journals


Question Papers First Year B. Pharmacy

Question Papers Second Year B. Pharmacy

Question Papers Third Year B. Pharmacy

BP 501 T Medicinal Chemistry-II

BP-502T Industrial Pharmacy-I  2023

BP-503T Pharmacology-II


BP-505T P.J 

BP-601T Medicinal che.-III

BP-602T Pharmacology-III

BP-603T Herbal Drug Technology

BP-604T Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics

BP-605T Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

BP-606T Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

Question Papers Final Year B. Pharmacy

BP 701 T I.M.A

BP 702T Industrial Pharmay-II

BP-703T Pharmacy Practice


BP-801T Biostatics and Research Method.

BP-803T Pharmaceutical Marketing Management


M. Pharmacy Question Paper

MPH-101T Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques

MPH-103T Modern Pharmaceutics

MPH-104T Regulatory Affairs

MPH-201T Molecular Pharmaceutics

MPH-202T Advanced Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics

MQA-101T Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques.

MQA-102T Quality Management System-I

MQA-103T Quality Control and Quality Assurance

MQA-104 T Product Development & Technology Transfer

MQA-201T Hazard and safety management 

MQA-202T Pharmaceutical Validation

MQA-204T  Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology

MRM-301 T Research Methodology and Biostatistics