About Vision, Mission & PEO'S

Vision, Mission And PEO'S


Honorable Maulana Gulam Mohammad Vastanvi Sahab has an aim to provide moral & spiritual education in Arabic, Persian & English Languages to all students without difference of caste, clout & creed.

Vision Statement :

To serve as a Centre of excellence in pharmacy education for minority students.

Mission Statement :

  • To provide an opportunity for socially & economically weak section
  • To offer quality education that integrates problem-solving and leadership skills
  • Encourage students to become responsible professional for optimum patient care through the appropriate use of medicines.

PEO’s :

  • To create an opportunity in the pharmacy profession
  • To increase the number of minority pharmacists who are active in organized Pharmacy
  • To provide a standard level of pharmacy education.
  • To teach and help assimilate theoretical knowledge in various field of Pharmaceutical sciences namely pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and Pharmacognosy